Training for the practical side of associate life.

The Challenge

Law school teaches lawyers how to think.  Law firms teach associates substantive law.  But each incoming class of associates tends to learn the practical tricks-of-the-trade only by making the same countless mistakes, stumbling through the same predictable pitfalls, and suffering the same excrutiating inefficiencies as its predecessors.  We think that should change.

Our Solution

The Firm Formula offers trainings and coaching to help new (and not-so-new) law firm associates excel in their roles and take charge of their own future development.  Focusing on the practical tips and tricks that help turn recent law graduates into efficient, exceptional practicing lawyers, we relay key lessons and insight earned from years of Biglaw practice at the highest level.


Training Lectures

Live talks and lecture-style trainings on key tips and tricks for associate success.


Training Workshops

Interactive workshops on the same key topics with smaller groups to work through the specific and unique questions and concerns of your associates.


One-on-one sessions with The Firm Formula’s founder, Christian Lang, to work through specific questions and map out improvement strategies on practical aspects of law firm practice.


Consult with The Firm Formula on the design and content of your annual associate training program(s), as well as your legal- and other enterprise-technology needs (as described here).

Practical lessons and insight on key topics to help associates excel.


Learn how to take charge of your own training and development so that every task you do is a powerful driver of improvement.


It doesn’t take a wealth of expertise or experience to make valuable contributions. Learn how to add value to your teams on day one.


Learn how to get up to speed on unfamaliar topics quickly and how to tactfully communicate with teams and clients to command confidence at every stage of process (even when you’re not yet sure of the right answer or advice).


Learn how to manage your staffing, competing obligations, and workstreams to always be making the most of your time, responding to priorities, and delivering the highest quality work to your seniors and clients.

Founder, Christian Lang

Founder Christian Lang launched The Firm Formula and its blog, Blacklines & Billables, to share hard-earned tips and tricks for associate success learned from years of Biglaw practice in New York and London.  An experienced and engaging public speaker, Christian has a passion for teaching and mentoring young lawyers and crafts lectures, workshops, and coaching curricula to help junior (and not-so-junior) associates learn the ropes and excel at large law firms.

Explore some of our work on associate success and development!

Check out our blog and web forum, Blacklines & Billables, which is dedicated to sharing practical tips and tricks for success among Biglaw associates and starting conversations around other important aspects of associate life, such as the state of legal technology.

(Don’t miss our “Biglaw Basics” series, which is aimed at providing brand-new Biglaw associates with the practical know-how they need to hit the ground running and avoid some of the pitfalls that those of us who came before experienced in our first couple of years.)